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Ink Paintings & Haiku

Posted on : 07-05-2010 | By : Dawn | In : Uncategorized

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                    Lady butterfly

                   perfumes its wings by floating

                   Over the orchid.     -Basho        








 A fallen flower

 Flew back to its branch!

 No, it was a butterfly.    -Moritaki



I painted these pictures in sumi & ink on special japanese display shikishi paperboard.  Sumi is a traditional ink, made by rubbing an incense-scented charcoal ink stick on a smooth, wet ink stone.  The red chopmarks are signatures of my artist name Asatsuki (akatsuki), which means dawn in classical Japanese character.  This style of painting uses various brushstrokes to express the visual & sensual spirit of nature.  The amount of water & ink, as well as placement of ink on the bristles, creates varying shades from transparent grays to dark blacks.  The speed, rhythm & pressure of the brush against the absorbent paper creates sharp, soft, or blended strokes.  At times saturated deeply & othertimes dry on the upper fibers of the paper, textures are created by vertical as well as horizontal application of ink to paper.  A significant characteristic of this style is the respect for white space.  The artist does not focus on colorful drawing to block form onto background paper but instead allows the light to come through.  This elicits spirit. 

Painting in this style is like dancing: brush & ink in hand: light, rhythm, touch, speed, & spirit together in joyful concentration & celebration.

I am offering for sale five paintings, including these two, as well as ten bracelets at the RPO Symphony Showhouse event’s Noteworthy Boutique. Open from May 22 to June 13, 2010. For event details, visit www.rposhowhouse.org .