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Geode Bracelet

Posted on : 07-06-2010 | By : Dawn | In : Uncategorized

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This is the first in a new geode design series.  It features a natural geode of creamy white polished stone surrounding the interior cache of sparkling quartz crystals.  The bracelet is hand crochet in fine silver filament & securely clasps with a sterling silver tubular slide.  The wide band’s dimensional freeform pattern holds a wealth of clear smooth glass droplets.

A geode is a spherical hollow rock whose interior contains concentric layers of minerals and sparkling crystals.  The exterior of a geode is rough & unremarkable.  The rock must be opened to reveal its beauty.  In this case, the rough whitish outer surface disguised inner rings of creamy white, bluish grey, & light brown surrounding countless tiny clear quartz crystals.  The innermost crystaline planes glisten & twinkle.  This bracelet’s rock geode has been sliced & polished to reveal the hidden beauty inside.

The term geode is derived from Greek geoides: earth-like, referring to the rock’s outer shape.

May the surprise of the geode remind you of each person’s inner beauty.