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Lilacs – For Balance & Joy

Posted on : 15-05-2010 | By : Dawn | In : Uncategorized

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Lilacs are blooming!                   

Fancy. Fragrant. In blues, pinks, purples & whites.  Heart-shaped leaves of deep green.  Tumbling in handful clusters of blossoms. 

Botanical name: Syringa.

Celebrated at the Highland Park Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY.   May 14 – 23, 2010. Over 500 varieties on 1200+ bushes.

Chosen as New Hampshire’s State Flower for being as hardy as the state residents.                       Patiently unbothered by stray snowflakes.


For Balance & Joy…

Rose Quartz. Amethyst. Clear Quartz. Peridot. Citrine. Jade.  For love, intuition, focus, self-confidence, tranquility, luck & protection.  Crochet (left)  &  Knit (right)