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Newest designs… 

Each of my handmade bracelets is a unique design. Although there are series, which have similar themes, the bracelets are never duplicated.

Seasons, special events, & distinctive finds kindle a series.

Colors, textures, & symbolic meanings motivate the designs.

Spirit Stones  and  Healing Stones  are terms given to gems & beads from nature that invoke time-recognized significance & influence. My newest bracelets hold these in balance to celebrate their lights & colors. Beautiful & enhancing. Collected from sources near & far: coral, crystal, pearl, turquoise, jade, and more…

Meditation  and  Prayer  are words used to describe a focused peaceful state – similar to my creative time spent preparing & designing bracelets.  Across cultures & languages from many ages, this attitude is one of good intent. Warm respect. Appreciation. Health.