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Lilacs – For Balance & Joy

Posted on : 15-05-2010 | By : Dawn | In : Uncategorized

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Lilacs are blooming!                   

Fancy. Fragrant. In blues, pinks, purples & whites.  Heart-shaped leaves of deep green.  Tumbling in handful clusters of blossoms. 

Botanical name: Syringa.

Celebrated at the Highland Park Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY.   May 14 – 23, 2010. Over 500 varieties on 1200+ bushes.

Chosen as New Hampshire’s State Flower for being as hardy as the state residents.                       Patiently unbothered by stray snowflakes.


For Balance & Joy…

Rose Quartz. Amethyst. Clear Quartz. Peridot. Citrine. Jade.  For love, intuition, focus, self-confidence, tranquility, luck & protection.  Crochet (left)  &  Knit (right)

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Interesting contrast between the knit and crochet bracelets. Are all your bracelets available in either technique? Beautiful and creative work.

Yes, I work in both knit & crochet. Some of my bracelets employ both. I’m currently investigating an even older technique, nalbinding. I will include some examples of the combined technique bracelets in my next post, as well as an experimental nalbinding bracelet.

Just thought I would surprise you with a comment. I love your work!! Congratulations I think Gramma Cronk inspired you. She was so clever with her crochet hook or the knitting needles. I remember when I was housebound as a child. She gave me the dark green yarn and brown trim and helped me knit a little zipper purse with my initials on it. How I would love to have that little bag now. That might have just been the beginning of my love for purses. Love, Aunt Donna

Dear Aunt Donna… Yes, we are very lucky to have come into Grandma Cronk’s family. In fact, the sweet cotton handknit dishcloth that you gave me was the encouragement that tipped me into teaching myself to knit!

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