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Butterfly Garden Bracelet

Posted on : 29-04-2010 | By : Dawn | In : Uncategorized

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Creamy cultured pearls, pastel swarovski crystal pearls, & opalescent crystal beads.  Hand crochet in 14 kt gold wire with slide magnetic gold clasp.

This bracelet’s style comes from the design series Now & Forever, the first of my handmade bracelets. It is named Butterfly Garden in honor of my RPO Cottage Gardens bracelets grouping for the upcoming RPO Symphony Showhouse 2010, Noteworthy’s Boutique.  Located at The Cottages at Malvern Hill (between Thornell Road & Rt. 64) in Pittsford, New York.  May 22 to June 13, 2010  www.rposhowhouse.org

I am forever amazed at the butterfly’s fragile beauty & resiliant strength.  Butterflies fly thousands of miles to winter-over in warm climates.  In their seemingly wandering fluttering, they are able to make their way year after year & generation after generation.  Floating on lilting breezes: meandering up & down, this side & that, the butterfly accomplishes a most astounding  journey.  Have you ever tried to catch a butterfly in your hands?  It is not as simple as it would appear.  Much like some of us.  

Colorful, silken, delightful flutter-by’s!

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Breathtakingly beautiful, so delicate, as is the butterfly-flutterby. The pearls reflect the luminescence of the colors in the wings of the butterfly. The airiness reminds us of the very medium in which this creature thrives. Truly a work of heart, mind, and spirit.

Today, I saw my first pair of flutter-by’s in this new season. They were dancing around one another, as a breeze blew them over the wildflowers along the woods’ edge. … Thank you very much for your comment. I hope you will return to the home page & subscribe for updates by clicking on RSS Feed under “Partner Links”.

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