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Posted on : 31-03-2010 | By : Dawn | In : Uncategorized

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This year’s Chinese New Year Day fell on Valentine’s Day. Thus, my greeting card – encouraging a playful leap forward – with great, furry paws padding, tail swishing, back swaying, and growling purr.  A coincidence of love & fortune!


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My bracelets are currently available in the Simply Unique Gift Shop at 18 Main Street in Bloomfield, NY.   Telephone number: (585) 657-1181.  I am pleased to have my bracelets in this beautiful shop, which offers handcrafted artwork, edibles, & other items from the region. Visit www.simplyuniquegiftshop.com                                                                                                                                                               

I am currently working on a new design series, RPO Symphony: “Cottage Gardens”. These will feature colors & moods of gardens around the country.  My bracelets & framed paintings will be at the upcoming Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra’s Biennial Designer Showhouse – Symphony Showhouse 2010 – Noteworthy’s Boutique from May 22 to June 13.  Located in “The Cottages at Malvern Hills” on Tor Hill Road in Pittsford, NY.  I am excited to be able to contribute to the RPO through this event. Visit www.rposhowhouse.org  [Watch for new post sneak previews as the time approaches.]

As always, I am happy to give a personal showing of my collection to anyone in my local area: The Finger Lakes & Rochester, NY.  For anyone outside the region, please contact me by leaving a comment on this website.  I will contact you accordingly, in order to discuss currently available designs & such.

[Click on the photo for a close up. Wait a moment until it downloads completely, and then the image will snap into view.]


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This bracelet is crochet in fine silver wire with deep green iridescent keshi pearls, nestled by lustrous smaller cultured & freshwater pearls of cream, peach, mauve, & moonlight; highlighted with czech crystal drops.

Pearls are rich with symbolism throughout time & across cultures. 

Love.  Purity.  Beauty.  Happiness.  Elegance.  Tears.

The jewel of the moon, falling into the night sky.

The dawn of the gods, turned into dew.

Keshi (keishi) pearls symbolize regeneration & rebirth, because they are solid nacre without a nucleus, in marvelous freeform leaf shapes.

Ocean gardens at the waterside cottage doorstep.

 Pearls symbolize overcoming adversity through radiant transcendence.

Dreaming in Early Spring…

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Many are enjoying the plum & cherry blossoms of springtime, but I can only daydream.  My design theme for March celebrates the vernal delights of Dreaming in Early Spring.

No wonder that Americans revel in Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th. Pretending to be Irish for one day, eating corned beef with cabbage & drinking green-dyed beer, partying & joking about leprechauns.  The wearing o’ the green —  The release!!


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 Heartfelt is the February design theme.  Rose Quartz, Genuine Coral, Cultured Pearls, Crystals, & Opalescent Czech Beads with Gold Magnetic Clasp. 

Time-honored naturals to celebrate love.

Early Spring…

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This Early Spring  painting was done in sumi ink on rice paper with handmade green paper.  I keep it in sight throughout the deep winter to be heartened.  In this New York State Finger Lakes Region, nestled on the hillside above Canadice Lake, the deep snow is slowly melting, huge icicles are dripping & some have dropped to stand tall in the snowbanks below; bushes & willow trees are gaining color in their branch tips, & springfever is germinating.  Spirits are brightening.  Soon the playful, friendly, craziness of springfever will spread!

blue skies, pink noses, warm hearts, & valentine roses…

sparkling branches & eyes —

as deep winter stirs in its sleep & dreams of spring….

Poetic Statements…

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These bracelets make statements in poetic style. 

Each central message relies on the visual language of symbol, texture, color, & shape.  Metal, ceramic, crystal.

The bands symbolize strands of experiences, people, & lives that weave into a beautiful supporting network.

Enhancing as they gently hold.

Autumn Colors

Posted on : 09-03-2010 | By : Dawn | In : Uncategorized

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 Let me begin by describing my adventure into knitting & crocheting with wire..

In the late months of 2008, I decided to teach myself to knit. This was a humorous step for me, because I’ve always said I’d learn to knit when I became an old lady.  I’ve enjoyed crochet since early adulthood. And now, amidst the instinctual yearly winter seasonal longing to reach for colorful, tactile yarn – I started knitting. At first, I made tiny preemie caps then full size hats and then scarves & hoods which led to shawls…. ha!  Early in the new year of 2009, I decided to make bracelets from wire & beads. I made my first visit to a bead shop — oh, the wonders! But no one was familiar with the type of project I was researching. I joined the excellent Weavers Guild of Rochester, NY. Still no leads. And so, I opened my collection of crochet hooks & knitting needles inherited from Grandma Cronk – and took off!  It was quite easy, actually – so natural, in fact, that I’ve been enthusiastically following my intuition ever since. The first bracelet was made for a dear exchange student from Japan, named Yuko. She held the spool of silver wire and passed me the crystals & pearls as I wrangled the crochet hook & wire.  A lovely creation – the first of the Now & Forever style. (See a photo of two examples on the previous 19-12-2009 post)   …   I will post photos of the progression of styles in subsequent messages.   …  My bracelets have been well received. They are in personal collections internationally: US, Japan, China, Germany, the Phillipines….